Dogsharks are what Educational Specialists are calling a model of Imaginative thinking, social interaction, sharing and problem solving.

‘You’re putting the power in the kids hands!’ is the frightened refrain.
“They might figure it out themselves!”

Isn’t that the idea?

While the adults are stumbling over their own fixed modes of thinking, Dogsharks are alerting readers to understanding a situation themselves. Mind you it might be about painting a picture, locating a missing letter, donut, or shadow, or hearing music in everyday sounds, but it all adds up to a ‘flaming pyre of inquisitivity’ *that’s a word the Dogshark named Otto* made up. He loves to make up words, read and write, but can’t spell very well.

Opening the door to multiple modes of flexible thinking makes Dogsharks a perfect fit for children whose cognitive development is all about building their own scaffolding in the world.
Boys and Girls have all found their favorite Dogshark(s) and Invent their own Dogshark!
Even the most Reluctant Readers find the door open.